The interactive networked narrative experience Vítreo Technologies is part of a process of experimentation and development around new technologies, their relations with the human being, and their involvement in society, initiated in 2012 by the laboratory Mutante.Lab in the city of Bogota. In order to confront the technological developments through the design of the experiences they themselves can drive, especially those related to information and communication, we have studied the immersive capabilities, diverse interactive configurations and media languages with the aim of designing a complex experience that promotes a better relation between human beings and their natural, urban, social, political and cultural environment. 

As an important variant of the possible experiences that can be created inside the interconnected future spaces and given its great immersive potential, I have developed in this project a narrative one, which brings together different languages and focuses the interaction possibilities on the integration of recent media. The structure of this narrative includes NFC communication, data portability, user’s memory and digital interconnection between physical components, with the main goal of building a scenario at a human scale, whose sensorial conditions of all kinds become relevant to the experience. 

The context of the narrative and the basic structure of Vítreo Technologies arise from our previous work in the interactive narrative En Búsqueda Bogota, which took over the streets of the city to tell this science fiction story where the multinational Vítreo represents the strength of the technological development itself. In this stage, the experience is limited to an indoor space, in order to experiment particularly with the interactive possibilities of IoT in a reduced scale. 

The appropriation of technologies from an experiential perspective, and thus creating experiences such as interactive narratives, seeks to disrupt the growing structural relations with our current technologies that establish extreme quite and comfortable scenarios, and so enhance the physical, psychological and social conditions of the person, encouraging in this way the active participation inside its environment. 

In the Blog you can find a summary of the research, conceptualization, and creation process of the experience developed in Berlin in 2016, with the support of the professor and media artist Joachim Sauter and the Berlin University of the Arts, and was possible thanks to the scholarship for foreign graduates in the field of visual communication of the German Academic Exchange Service - DAAD in 2015.

Vítreo Technologies

Interactive Science Fiction Narrative using Internet of Things. 

Natalia Rivera

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Mutante.Lab is a network for the transmission of knowledge and communities strengthening around science and arts in Colombia. Our aim is to make the access to knowledge in these areas truly inclusive, equitable and fun, framed into the philosophy of collaborative work, open source culture, experiences design and play. Our work, which has started in 2012, includes research, experimentation, and creation in new media and arts. Currently, our efforts are focused on building and strengthening communities of diverse kinds with the aim of promoting a truly sustainable social development. The Mutante.Lab network consists of four different modules: the base Laboratory, the Mutante.Lab Traveler, the Mutante.Lab Seed and a digital platform. All of them have been designed to be open source and easily replicated.

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